The Academy of New Media Middle

At the Academy of New Media Middle, our program is based on the belief that all students can achieve to their highest potential with real world connections and personalization. Mutual trust and respect is the foundation of our school. Our environment is safe for our students to be true to themselves and thrive in a social and academic context. Our experiential curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards and extended to include extensive opportunities for artistic expression and active community engagement.

We are a tuition-free, public charter school sponsored by St. Aloysius and overseen by a local Board of Education. Charter schools, called community schools in Ohio, are held to the same standards of accountability as all public schools. Some of the most successful schools in America, however, implement accountability systems that exceed those established by the State. New Media Middle's comprehensive curriculum includes subjects, standards and expectations absent in traditional accountability systems.

The New Media Learning Experience

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Technology will be seamlessly blended to facilitate the teaching and learning process within the building, and extending out to our satellite learning partners, COSI, the Columbus Museum of Art, and Franklin Park Conservatory. New Media's partnership with Samsung and Pearson will unite the latest curricular innovations with cutting edge technology. All students will receive Samsung's brand new, state of the art Galaxy tablet device. Pearson Education will provide a majority of our curricular resources in a digital (web based) and paper format to compliment our course offerings. Our courses will include the opportunity to earn high school credit in a variety of subjects.

Building throughout a student's course of study at New Media Middle is the development of a virtual Individualized Learning Portfolio. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents through various exhibits, dance, drama and musical performances. Students will each have a faculty coach, who will offer academic, emotional and social support. Our school will house a mentoring program for young men and women in need of additional support. Service learning opportunities for students to volunteer in their communities, aligned with their interests, will be a required part of graduation.